Scope of the Program






Interdiscplinary Doctoral Program
at the Faculty of Social Sciences of
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)

The aim of the Doctoral Program is to enable future scholars and experts to investigate varieties of social life in relation of each other in the context of economy, culture and history. Graduates of the Doctoral Program will have to prove their ability to carry out independent research resulting in original problem solution and they are supposed to be able to present their research results in the fora of international scholarly community.

In the course of the training special emphasis will be given on competencies of transmittance of the acquired knowledge in the fields of business, public policy planning and education. Major aim of the program is to educate students to perform an active role in international academic life including publishing, participating in international conferences and building networks across boundaries. Graduates are supposed to look succesfully for positions in foreign universities, research institutes and R+D units of multinational companies. Practical competencies of application, grant seeking are in focus. Besides development of highly customized traning schedules the primary goal of the Program is to develop communication and cooperation skills including the ability to work in teams.

The Graduate School of the Faculty of Social Sciences at ELTE consists of three Doctoral Programs. The Program of Sociology has started in 1992 followed by the Program of Social Policy. The Program of Interdisciplinary Studies has started in 2009. Students enrolled in the academic year of 2009/2010 have proved their interest by a variety of research proposals of social psychology, cultural anthroplogy, social history, dynamic sociology, information society and new economy.

The languages of instruction are Hungarian and English.