Csaba Pronai (Budapest, 1966)

Work: 1996- Department of Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Eotvos Lorand (University, Budapest, Hungary)

Position: associate professor, chairman

Education: 2001 Ph. D. Sociology (The History of Cultural Anthropological Roma Research in France), ELTE;

1996 M.A. Teacher of Hungarian Language & Literature (Roma Literature), ELTE;

1996 M.A. Aesthetics (Art and anthropology), ELTE;

1994 M.A. Cultural Anthropology (Behavioral Norms among the Roma), ELTE;

1992 M.A. History (Social Perception of the Apollo Program in Hungary), ELTE


4th place at young scolar competition in „history” (1984)

Mihaly Fazekas Silver Medal (1985)

Gold Grade in Who Knows What: Folklore Category (1993)

I. place at the XXIth National Scientific Student Conference (1993)

Ferenc Erdei Memorial Medal (Hungarian Sociological Society, 1998)


1998/99-2000/2001 Bolyai Fellowship; 1998 Fulbright Research Fellowship (3 month); 1998 Collegium Budapest: Junior Fellowship (3 month); 1996/1997 Hungarian State Fellowship (3 month, USA); 1995/1996 Hungarian State Fellowship (3 month, Germany)


2006-2009 „Roma and Education from Cultural Anthropological Point of View (SubProject of Anyos Jedlik Program): leader of the project;

2003-2006 „Interethnic Relations of Roma and non-Roma Cultures in the Carpathian Basin” (National Research Found): leader of the project from 2004;

2001-2004 „Roma Cultural Anthropological Encyclopedia” (National Research Found): leader of the project;

1997-2000 „Cultural Anthropological Paradigm of Roma Studies” (National Research Found): leader of the project


Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (2002-), American Anthropological Association (1996-), Magyar Kulturalis Antropológiai Tarsasag /Hungrian Cultural Anthropological Association/ (1996-), Magyar Szociológiai Tarsasag /Hungarian Sociological Society/ (1995-), Gypsy Lore Society (1994-)


1993- lectures and seminars at Eotvos Lorand University: „Introduction to Roma Studies”, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology”, Theory and Method in Cultural Anthropology”

Publications in englisch:

1995    The Gypsy Way. Budapest Review of BOOKS 5 (1): 21-26.

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2007    Bernard Formoso’s Tsigane studies. Anthropolis 3 (2): 135-147.